Anna Fanigina (Latvia) THE CATALOGUE OF SHIPS | December 16, 2016 – January 6, 2017


Goldsmiths’ Guild Gallery Meno Niša will be launching the latest exhibition “The Catalogue of Ships”, by Latvian jewellery artist Anna Fanigina.

DATE: December 16, 2016 – January 6, 2017 

The Lithuanians’ beloved artist will present in Vilnius her jewellery artworks inspired by Homer’s “The Iliad”, which Book II mentions this famous list of ships. The idea of the exhibition emerged few years ago, after the author’s visit to Greece where she was surrounded by Greek letters in her every move. This is the second exhibition of Anna Fanigina hosted by Meno Niša. In her first exhibition, the artist showed an expressive collection of gemstone brooches.

Fanigina has been creating jewellery art under a brand name VERBA (word) for more than a decade. The verbal inscription in Latin embedded on rings, earrings and other accessories has long become a speciality of the artist. Fanigina believes that the Greek collection “The Catalogue of Ships” symbolises the beginning of a new and exciting journey.

The collection presented in Vilnius consists of silver and electrum rings with inscriptions made using micro-chase technology. Every piece as if symbolises a small ship that can either float away together with you or stay on your finger as a devoted friend, helping withstand the waves of daily worries. Each ring in the collection is branded with a special “watermark” in a form of a phrase, quotation or words in Greek, speaking about things that are true and proper for all times – favourable wind, courage, love and joy. That’s what we are always full of after visiting the seaside, trying to keep our journey-incited feelings as long as possible. That’s why the rings in the collection “The Catalogue of Ships” provide a possibility of giving a meaning to the important experiences.

Anna Fanigina uses marine stones in her works: aquamarines, heliodors, topazes, quartzes. This sea- and water-related jewellery collection is supplemented with hand-made glasses created under a special order using glass-blowing technique. These glasses also have inscriptions in Greek with symbolic meanings.


Author: Vladimir Svetlov
Aperture: 9
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Iso: 100
Orientation: 1


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