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The Goldsmiths’ Guild welcomes visitors who are willing to know and take lessons in an unique field of goldsmithery – techniques of hot enamel arts


Enameling – enamel technique, coating of metal products with enamel. A copper plate is most often used, on which (after preparing the drawing) an enamel glass mass is applied with a brush or spatula, after which the product is fired in a special furnace at a temperature of 700-900°C until a glassy coating is formed. Enamel painting – enameling technique. The surface of the metal (usually copper) is first coated with a single-colored enamel and fired in a kiln, after which it is carefully painted with colored enamels so that subtle tonal nuances emerge when the piece is fired again. This is a very interesting, whimsical technique that requires preparation and patience, but at the same time gives the joy of discovering creativity.

Educational program are made for the different age groups, each consisting of individual programs and practical tasks. Techniques of enamel art may be studied by all people irrespective of their artistic education and/or age.

Educational program participants are provided with opportunities to:
1) watch the process of heat treatment of enamel and acquire basic theoretical knowledge;
2) use enamel technique and do the enameling themselves.

theoretical enamel technique presentation and

The theoretical presentation of the enamel technique, familiarization with the materials takes about an hour.
Practical enamel technique class lasts up to 3 hours, but creating a piece of jewelry or a souvenir will require more time and effort. We provide each participant with the necessary materials and tools for work: enamel, copper plates, etc.

Enamel classes are also available with gift coupons. The studio is opened for various celebrations and special meetings involving creation of art pieces.

Mentor – enamel artist Marytė Dominaitė

Educational lessons are available at:
Enamel art studio (Šv. Stepono g. 10, Vilnius) or in the gallery „Meno niša“ (J. Basanavičiaus g. 1, Vilnius)


Individual lessons Lessons for the 5 person group
15 Eur per  1 hour


Lessons must be agreed in advance:

VšĮ „Auksakalių gildija“
+370 52 313811, +370 611 52767;


Educational programe of enamel arts are supported by Vilnius City Municipality

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Author: Rytis Seskaitis
Copyright: Rytis Seskaitis
Copyright: Photo: Marius Zicius / Retouch: Asta Roscenkoviene