In 2023, the Goldsmiths Guild is preparing a large-scale educational project dedicated to the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Vilnius, the “Cloak of the Iron Wolf”. Vilnius has always been an inspiration to Lithuania, its neighbors and the world, and Lithuania is famous in the context of enamel art as an axis of talented and conceptual metal artists. The city of Vilnius and its residents are full of youthful energy, dynamism, breakthroughs and new ideas, so we will invite the general public, schoolchildren, seniors, students and everyone who wants to touch the subtleties of enamel art and get acquainted with one of the most complex metal art techniques to educational activities and workshops.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, so the project also includes outbound trips to the regions of Lithuania – Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Prienai, Palanga, Jurbarkas, Dusetos, Alytus, Ukmergė, etc. Traveling around the regions and places far from the capital, the project also includes groups experiencing social exclusion – national minorities, communities that play an important role in the context of Vilnius’ history. During the educational sessions, 700 units will be created/produced. copper plates on the theme of “The Iron Wolf”, interpretations of the motifs of the city of Vilnius, which will later be combined into one, large cloak of Duke Gediminas.

The culture of the city of Vilnius is diverse, over the course of 700 years, the face of the city has constantly changed, but it has remained relevant to this day. The 700th anniversary of Vilnius is a great opportunity to look back on the city’s history, to connect the history of the goldsmiths’ guild founded here 512 years ago and to promote its continuity by involving not only the residents of the city of Vilnius, but also all of Lithuania, which is a historically important part of the general culture of the city.

Participants of the project:

Vilniaus krašto skautų „Skaisčio“ tuntas
Vinco Grybo memorialinis muziejus
Amber Trip 2023
Tomas Zanas library
Justinas Vienožinskio art school
VMS social care house „Vilniaus Lakštingalos namai“


Project is funded by Vilnius City Municipality
Project is part of Vilnius 700 programme