2003/12/01 – 2003/12/19 | Solveiga and Alfredas Krivičiai Jewellery Exhibition VOTIVES

Votives or game over, Barbie

Votum (a Latin word meaning – regards, gifts, promises in the catholic tradition it is a tiny thing usually hung on the pictures of saints expressing gratitude for mercy.

Continuing the theme of consumer society as an odd religion we picked up one of the cult goods closely related with consumer society, doll Barbie.

The process was incredibly interesting because putting Barbie’s face under the press we could never predict what face expression we’ll get, angry or cheerful, funny or surprised…

Though the idea of the exhibition was pure satire in the long run we found out an optimistic conclusion: if it is possible to provide Barbie with human appearance it is really possible for a human not to loose his own face!

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