Lithuanian Contemporary Jewellery Art in Croatia | 2013 10 04 – 10 18

Meno Niša Gallery presents Lithuanian contemporary jewellery art in Croatia.

On 4 October 2013, ULUPUH Gallery is opening an exhibition of Lithuanian contemporary jewellery in Zagreb, Croatia. The exhibition will be opened until 18 October.

The exhibition in Croatia is a part of the project “Contemporary Art in a Suitcase” which is held by the Meno Niša Gallery for the tenth year. The jewellery on move project “Out of suitcase” is a continuous project successfully presenting jewellery artworks of prominent Lithuanian contemporary artists in foreign countries.

The exhibition of contemporary jewellery in Croatia features seventeen artists who are a perfect representation of what is currently happening in Lithuanian jewellery art. The latest works will be exhibited by the Krivičiai, Solveiga and Alfredas, Marytė Dominaitė – Gurevičienė, Eglė Čėjauskaitė – Gintalė, Aurelija Šimkutė, Dalius Razauskas, Ditė Dilginienė, Elzė Sakalinskaitė, Kotryna Vaitekūnaitė, Sigitas Rekašius, Vaida Druskytė, Indrė Diržienė, Vita Pukštaitė, Justina Zymonaitė, Kęstutis Stanapėdis, Greta Grendaitė Vosylienė, Eimantas Ludavičius, Kornelija Gerikaitė

The collection authored by the well-known artists reveals the achievements, traditions and conceptual developments of Lithuanian contemporary jewellery. Lithuanian jewellery is temperate, based on the artistic unity of idea and form, catching the eyes for its elegance and unexpected conceptual twists. Lithuanian authors show respect to the poetic and solemn tradition of Lithuanian jewellery of the 20th century, surprising the viewers rather than shocking them. Originality, sarcasm, excellent knowledge of the craft and lyricism – these are the main characteristics of Lithuanian jewellery art.

All the collection can be put in the suitcase which has become an integral symbol of long tours. The project and its symbolic name have proven to come true indeed – in several years out of suitcase jewellery has visited such countries as Spain, Italy, Sweden, Russia, France, Georgia, Germany, and Portugal.

Speaking about Lithuanian contemporary jewellery, art critic Jurgita Ludavičienė comments: “Lithuanian professional jewellery of the 20th century is neither highly innovative nor provocative; it is not cruel, drastic, or barbarically luxurious. It is rather tender, temperate, casual, and ironic in respect of jewellery itself and its wearers. Yet, its conceptuality and distinction are always on the first place”. The latter statement taunts future foreign viewers into a more in-depth analysis.

The exhibition will be opened until 18 October.

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