The Catalogue of Enamel Biennial Vilnius 2022

The main theme of the 9th International Biennial of Enamel Arts is Impression. The enamel artists recall the strongest impression in their lives, return to the past, and translate their impressions into works of art. An impression is a work based on a feeling or a mood, says the biennial’s curator, jeweler Marytė Dominaitė. An impression is a very personal and hard-to-capture thing, a sensation or image that imprints itself on our memory. It can be an event that shocks the world, an intrusive thought that doesn’t leave us in peace, a leaf of a tree that flashes before our eyes, or the trunks of pine trees by the sea that merge into an ornament of vertical lines. And all of this can be conveyed through the technique of enamel.

This time, the biennial brings together 29 artists from 8 countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sakartvelo, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, and Venezuela – presenting their impressions in as many as 74 works. The 9th International Biennial of Enamel Arts showcases a wide panorama of ways of using enamel: from delicate cloisonné enamel to the audacious industrial enamel, enamel applied in brushstrokes as if it were acrylic, or poured in thin layers like watercolor.

You can find the list of winners and more information about the biennale here.

We would like to introduce you the catalogue of Enamel Biennial Vilnius 2020 that can be downloaded HERE.


Fragment of IX International biennial of Enamel Art Vilnius 2022 catalogue. Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė (Lithuania)


We would like to say huge thanks to IX International Biennial of Enamel Art ‘Vilnius 2022’ sponsors and partners:
Project is funded by: Vilnius City Municipality
Sponsors: jewelry school/gallery „Vilnensis“, UAB „Svema“, UAB „Alpera“, enamel art studio of „Auksakalių gildija“, UAB „Baltaxia Kaunas“, Baltic Jewellery News.
Galerija „Meno niša“ works by program of Vilnius fine crafts businesses and fairs.


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