Contemporary Jewellery in the Suitcase. Artist of Lithuania | 2011 11 10 – 11 30

Contemporary Jewellery in the Suicase. Artist of Lithuania
Gallery STEKLO ROSVUZDIZAIN, Sankt – Peterburg, Russia
10 November- 30 Nowember, 2011


November 9, 2011 The traveling exhibition of Lithuanian jewelers “Modern Jewelery in a Suitcase” organized by the gallery “Meno niša” has opened in St. Petersburg gallery “STEKLO ROSVUZDIZAIN” (Lomonosovo 1/28).

21 artists are presented at the exhibition, 120 works are exhibited. The works are created both from common materials – silver, precious stones, and from non-traditional elements – plastic, photographs, found objects, textiles. The opening of the exhibition was attended by the director of the gallery “Meno niša” Diana Stomienė, the curator of the exhibition, artist Marytė Gurevičienė; the visitors were greeted by acting consul general Mr. Robert Tamošiūnas.

The exhibition “Juvelyrika lagamine” in the gallery will be open until 2011. November 30


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