We present the IX International Biennial of Enamel Art 3D tour

For those who did not manage to visit the IX International Biennale of Enamel Art “Vilnius 2022” or for those who can’t get enough of enamel art, we invite you to look around the exhibition virtually again! Start the 3D tour by clicking HERE.

The XI International Vilnius Enamel Biennale this time has the main theme “Impression”. Artists creating enamel technique remember the strongest impression experienced in life, return to the past and transfer their impression to works of art. An impression is a work based on an impression or a mood, says the curator of the biennale, jeweler M. Dominaitė. 29 authors from 8 countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sakartvel, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Venezuela – are participating in the biennial, presenting as many as 74 works. In January 2023, the works of the IX International Biennale of Enamel Art will travel to the Panevėžys City Art Gallery.

“At the 11th International Biennale of Enamel Art, visitors will be able to see the different ways in which enamel is used: the delicate cloisonné enamel and the audacious industrial enamel, to compare the way artists from different countries work, and to see what the strongest impressions of their lives are. Here, enamel is combined with wood, amber, precious stones, or gold leaf. It moves onto copper dishes and book covers, unexpectedly becoming a painting or a three-dimensional sculpture, dazzling with color, and seducing with technical finesse. Icons, glasses, sculptures, plaques, brooches, and objects tell of the artists’ visions and convey memories. The works presented at the 9th biennale clearly demonstrate that this technique really knows no boundaries,” says dr. Ludavičienė.

The organizer of the Vilnius Biennale of Enamel Art is the Goldsmiths’ Guild, which is a participant in the Vilnius Fine Crafts and Fairs Program.
The biennale is financed by Vilnius City Municipality, the sponsor of the gallery Meno Niša.

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Winners of IX International Biennial of Enamel Art Vilnius 2022 have been announced