Gallery of Goldsmiths Guild of Vilnius city “Art niche” presents enamel art biennale „Vilnius 2005“.

Enamel – one of art sorts of Goldsmiths, and art of Goldsmiths – branch of arts and crafts, having deep traditions in Lithuania.

In year 2005 turns 510 years from establishment of Goldsmiths workshop in Vilnius city. History of Goldsmiths Guild and it’s succession today – important part of general city culture. In this year gallery “Art niche” is celebrating it’s third years existance anniversary. Due to these important anniversaries, on the 6th of October in gallery “Art niche” International enamel art biennale “Vilnius 2005” is opened, in which artists from India, Japan, Lithuania, Spain are participating, who presents works created during latter five years.

Biennale opening – in year 2005, on the 6th of October, 18 p.m. During opening, works will be prized with Grand Prix – Silver medal of Vilnius city municipality and with certificates of Vilnius city municipality, works will be selected by competent jury consisting from culture and public persons.

Works exhibited in the gallery present rare opportunity to see present dominant tendencies of enamel art not only among lithuanian authors, but also enamel works of authors from far-distant and exotic countries, such as Japan or India. Enamel can be pictorial and graphic, erotic and reserved. Enamels of spanish authors which are characterized by tender colors and which are unusual for the eyes of lithuanians, are more similar to minor plastic art works; but enamel work can be understood as decoration in veriest meaning of this word.

Obtrusive flamboyance, opportunity to create miniature paiting on metal and the complexity of the technique, make enamel field of metal art. Not every artist has ability to create really high quality enamel; for this not only idea is needed, but also knowledge of trade subtleties. Therefore this first biennale is remarkable not with quantity of works, but with its’ quality.

Together with authors participating in biannual collection of works created and stored not for one year, during international enamel miniature symposium “Pamario zenklai” organized by in Kintu Vyduno culture centre, is exhibited.

Enamels works – spruce and mysterious, figurative and functional. First international enamel biennale “Vilnius 2005” can be treated as serious tender of Vilnius city in future become capital of enamel. Why not?

Jurgita Ludavičienė

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