Sigitas Virpilaitis MAMMOTH BONE AND PEARLS | 2012 04 12 – 05 12

Meno Niša Gallery kindly invites you to use this rare opportunity: Sigitas Virpilaitis presents his personal exhibition “Mammoth Bone and Pearls”. The name of the exhibition is deceptively modest. But don’t be mistaken – food for your thoughts and a feast for the eyes are guaranteed!

Sigitas Virpilaitis is undoubtedly one of the best and most original jewellery artists in Lithuania. Although the artists refrains from exhibitions and rarely holds his personal expositions, his name undoubtedly appears in any more general text on Lithuanian metal art. Virtually, no major art exhibition can be imagined in this area without participation of Virpilaitis. Each of his personal exhibitions represents a real happening. For younger colleagues, Virpilaitis stands as a standard of quality; for art critics – he is conceptuality and professionalism personified; and for viewers – it is a rare and incredibly desired feast. The author himself is original and ironic, while his works are of extremely high quality and outstanding for his unique style. Dr. J. Ludavičienė

In this exhibition I present jewellery made from mammoth bones and pearls. These are not common materials for me, so I am curious myself in possible outcomes. It’s like taking an old musical instrument, which was collecting dust in the corner of an orchestra pit, and trying to play it to reveal all possible sounds. Sigitas Virpilaitis

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Sigitas Virpilaitis MAMMOTH BONE AND PEARLS | 2012 04 12 – 05 12
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