Marytė Dominaitė Gurevičienė ReVision | 2015 03 05 – 03 21


MENO NIŠA Gallery presents reVision by Marytė Dominaitė. March 5-21, 2015

Marytė Dominaitė is one of the most active Lithuanian artists, also known on the stage of the Lithuanian jewellery and metal arts as Marytė Gurevičienė. She is a regular participant in biennials of enamel art, organiser of art symposiums, jury member in international jewellery contests, participant in fashion shows and author of jewellery for many celebrities, as well as leader of educational sessions on enamel arts. However, as it frequently happens in overly busy life and a non-stop flow of competitions and jury membership, author’s works appeared to have been scattered among group exhibitions… This explains why Marytė Dominaitė has had only two solo exhibitions. Finally, the time has come for the artist to turn back and look at the time that has passed, to crystallise the most important things, to select works that are specific to certain periods of time, and to present her life reVision.

Graduate of the Institute of Arts, Tallinn, the author works with such materials as silver, glass, enamel and pastel which seem to have always obeyed her. The same with metals and stones. In addition, Marytė Dominaitė has always been outstanding for her specific feeling for space and disposition to installations. Her conceptual and originally presented works call for space. Having audited her creative baggage, the author is now presenting the most important works of her life: the ones that the author herself sees as cornerstones; the ones noticed by experts, curators, jury members and the audience; the ones the author has been proud of; and the ones that changed, each in its own way, the direction of the creative path of Marytė Dominaitė, every time revealing new creative visions.

Pastels, enamel, glass and silver objects, amber and silver jewellery now solemnly climb up the displays created by the author and present themselves for the audience anew. This is an audit – a re-vision that successfully creates the vision of future ideas.

Marytė Dominaitė’s exhibition reVision is on at Meno Niša Gallery from 5 to 21 March 2015.

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