Brooch exhibition UNISEX | 2011 05 26 – 06 10


May 26 (Thursday) at 6 p.m. the “Meno niša” gallery opens the thematic exhibition of brooches UNISEX.


Jewelers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland participate in the exhibition. The artists will present brooches specially created for the exhibition, which express the artist’s individual creative style, but the function of the jewelry is defined as a brooch, and the theme is UNISEX.

Art critic Eglė Dean about unisex jewelry: “Unisex, universal jewelry is connected with the modern lifestyle, it is its expression. Gender restrictions give way to the exaltation of the person, the personality, to the creation of a new, gender-independent reality. Existential questions become primary, as does preparation for a future full of freedom. Who you are, where you’re from, where you’re going – these are only some of the concepts that arise after rejecting gender definitions, rising towards humanistic generalizations of being. Elevating man as a thinking and deeply feeling being, rejecting gender inequality, is also manifested in subtle unisex jewelry pieces, presenting creative features that level him-him. In addition, the unisex style is also characterized by a special secret – in this way, the whimsical desires and lusts are hidden, simply marked and left to be guessed. It is a triumphant expression of a new personality, free and intolerant of sexual constraints. This is her-his secret, complex and individual.”

The mysterious, but genderless reality will be presented in a collection of 20 jeweler’s brooches at the exhibition UNISEX organized by the gallery “Art Niša”.


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