European Archeology Days June 18-20, 2021


Every year in the middle of June, this year on 18-22 days, the whole of Europe celebrates Archeology Days and invites organizations and individuals to implement activities aimed at the knowledge and popularization of archaeological heritage to the public. On these days, workshops, excursions, lectures, tastings, presentations, exhibitions, open spaces, broadcasts, performances, visits to archaeological research, research laboratories, live and virtual events, etc. are organized.

We are happy that in Lithuania in 2021 many people have joined the events of the European Archeology Days: more than one museum, various organizations, public sectors, researchers, heritage conservationists and communities, which will help to reflect and reveal a broad contextual picture of Lithuanian archeology science and heritage. On the initiative of VšĮ Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency, 6 members of the Vilnius Fine Crafts Association and the Vilnius Crafts Program will participate in the archeology days, and 9 events will take place.

Reconstructions of Vilnius Gothic and Renaissance domestic ceramics will be demonstrated at the Vilnius potter’s workshop, you will find out which vessels were used in the 14th-16th centuries. the people of Vilnius cooked and baked, what utensils they ate from, the production of clay pans will be demonstrated. The reconstruction of the coke oven in the office room of the Palace of Lords will be presented, and the technology of coke printing from the matrix will be demonstrated. Restored/reconstructed gothic and renaissance rings and jewelry will be presented at the “Vilnensis” jewelry school. The textile workshop “Art for yourself” will introduce the methodology of archaeological costume reconstruction. Around the XV-XVI centuries. Limoges (France) painting enamel creation techniques will be presented in the jewelry gallery “Art Niša”, where you will see reproductions of works from museums, and a practical-exhibition session will take place. You won’t be disappointed if you visit the workshop “Molio laumė”, here you will find unique archaeological black ceramics from the 18th-19th centuries. Vilnius finds – original pipes and their reconstructions. In the workshop of old crafts, there will be active lectures: glass jewelry under the ground and a demonstration of glass drop production and the history of the Gothic book-grave and book binding on a frame.

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