Rūta Petronytė. Exhibition The Fragments | September 25 – October 18, 2014

The viewers are offered a variety of themes, as colourful as life itself. Every piece will be telling a different story. A comprehensive thematic exhibition, “The Thieves”, was already presented by this author to Vilnius audience in 2011.

Today, the young and promising artist creates in the Užupis Art Incubator – having built her distinctive touch during the studies of metal art at the Estonian Academy of Arts, the author is now refining artistic aspects herself. Her works vary from wooden items that have no practical application to posh pseudo-baroque brooches decorated with colourful stones, from the finest engravings in pink shells to sculpturally-shaped black granite rings.

Standing behind every artwork is a very pernickety process requiring iron persistence. The author employs a lot of engraving technique. Sometimes it takes from several weeks to several months to make one jewellery item. There are no churned-out, mechanical pieces. This way the artist as if resists the modern rush-rush or take-away culture. Rūta cites Japanese designer as her current creative inspiration and influence: “Hey man, beautiful things are disappearing every day. Look at them. Keep them there. Be careful. Don’t go too fast. Look back”.

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